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25 years ago today, a bunch of us were sitting on the floor in the living room of a barren apartment in Madrid. We had beer, wine, cheese, and probably some Spanish tortilla, which is a potato, egg and onion sort of pie that bears no resemblance whatsoever to a Mexican tortilla. The only furniture in the room was a TV, and we were watching in uncomprehending horror as tanks rolled into a very distant Tiananmen Square.

The lack of comprehension was greater for some than for others. One American girl, a red headed fashion model, very patriotic, was upset to learn that Spain was in Europe. “Sociedad Anónima” - the Spanish equivalent of incorporated - meant that the initials S.A. followed many business names, just as Inc follows many business names in the USA. She thought S.A. meant South America, and she had been giving all her friends a South American return address. It didn’t occur to her that taking the train from Paris, Europe to Madrid, South America and getting there in just a few hours without crossing the Atlantic Ocean was impossible. That sort of thinking was too sophisticated for her. The fact that they speak Mexican in Spain and in South America left her unsure what to believe, and this was causing panic.

An American Marine had been arrested for rape in Japan. Maybe it was in Okinawa. One thing the red headed model was sure about was that this was not possible. Americans don’t commit rape, she declared, outraged that anyone would be so unpatriotic as to think it even possible. The Japs were trying to frame him.

We tried to argue with her, but she wasn’t having any of it, so we returned to our beer and tortillas and watched the tanks roll over more students far, far away in Tiananmen Square.

This is not that girl.  This is my wife, or rather was, since it was a long time ago, and we haven’t been married in almost 20 years.  She was also a model, and this was in Mexico.


Analyn and her bff Domiana (aka Domz) were looking for a place together in Long Beach.  Preferably a house, with a big back yard that the kids could play in, plus a basement that they could turn into a dungeon.  These photos were done in the last few weeks of her pregnancy, in the studio of Christine Kessler, down on the corner of Western and Melrose.  2002, or maybe 2003.

Brown Mountain/El Prieto trail.  Just above Altadena, and at the top of the marine layer.  The city feels very distant.  Part of my never ending search for quiet


Eva Lux, my apartment in Echo Park.  2002.  Eva was stunning, I thought, in this odd, fragile way, sort of like a messy Bianca Jagger, but not quite.  She seemed to yearn for a life of white picket fence normalcy, but she was also a porn actress, supporting her boyfriend by fucking on camera.  Maybe he was a musician, I don’t remember, but that sounds about right for the situation.  My back was messed up, and she offered me a massage.  I remember she had very strong hands for such a tiny woman.

She was clean she said.  Off dope, but drinking a little wine now and then. 

She got deeper into porn.  A year or two later she was caught up in one of the quarantine circles after a porn actor tested positive for HIV.  She was broke, couldn’t do porn, and tweaking hard it seemed to me.  She seemed much smaller than I remembered.  She hadn’t eaten in several days.  I bought her dinner at some burrito joint near MacArthur Park.  She wanted to keep hanging out but I couldn’t.  It was too sad for me to be around.  She cleaned up, moved back to Orange County, got a job at an air-conditioning place, and seemed to be getting it back together.  She died of a heroin overdose. 


Ivy Red, Los Angeles, 2003.  Shot on film.


Miss Marie in her Juduz Priest bikini she bought on the Venice boardwalk.  My apartment, Hollywood, 1999.

Sagauro cactus. Javelina Jundred, on the course, during the race. #ultramarathon #jj100 #ultratrail #seenonmyrun #trailandultra #trailrunning

kidbob-720-timeline04 from geoff cordner on Vimeo.

Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park.

Along the Pacific Crest Trail, about 4 miles in the direction of Mexico from Guffy Campground.  I am trying (thus far without success) to determine approximately what mile point on the PCT this photo (and others) might be.  Not on the AC100 course.

Dead wood, Griffith Park, on the course of the Griffith Park Trail Marathon.  #trailrunning #keirahenninger Race gallery here.

A video of letterpress printing at Aardvark Letterpress that I did for biggerdot.  


Near Charlton Flats, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains.  Shot on film.

Ink at Aardvark printers in Los Angeles, for coasters being printed by Bigger Dot.

Letterpress printing is the oldest style of printing press - invented by Johannes Gutenberg & used to print the Gutenberg bible. Replaced by offset printing in the 20th century, it is enjoying a comeback as an artisinal printing method, taking advantage of the impressions left by moveable type. Biggerdot has been using Aardvark printers for the last 10 years. This year I went down and took some photos using another old fashioned technique involving this stuff called film. Here is one of those shots.

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