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warehouse from geoff cordner on Vimeo.

Sagauro cactus. Javelina Jundred, on the course, during the race. #ultramarathon #jj100 #ultratrail #seenonmyrun #trailandultra #trailrunning

kidbob-720-timeline04 from geoff cordner on Vimeo.

Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park.

Along the Pacific Crest Trail, about 4 miles in the direction of Mexico from Guffy Campground.  I am trying (thus far without success) to determine approximately what mile point on the PCT this photo (and others) might be.  Not on the AC100 course.

Dead wood, Griffith Park, on the course of the Griffith Park Trail Marathon.  #trailrunning #keirahenninger Race gallery here.

A video of letterpress printing at Aardvark Letterpress that I did for biggerdot.  


Near Charlton Flats, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains.  Shot on film.

Ink at Aardvark printers in Los Angeles, for coasters being printed by Bigger Dot.

Letterpress printing is the oldest style of printing press - invented by Johannes Gutenberg & used to print the Gutenberg bible. Replaced by offset printing in the 20th century, it is enjoying a comeback as an artisinal printing method, taking advantage of the impressions left by moveable type. Biggerdot has been using Aardvark printers for the last 10 years. This year I went down and took some photos using another old fashioned technique involving this stuff called film. Here is one of those shots.

Salvation Mountain, New Years Eve, 2011.  Looking through the O of GOD.

New Year’s Eve.  Snow on the way up to Islip Ridge from Crystal Lake.  


Day 24: York. Every day is a bonus day and every picture is a bonus picture now that we’re past Christmas. Snowmen.

Day 23. York & Ranon.  I'm extending the series to New Years, because there's just too much to show. This house of the 1000 Santas is outside of the 90042, on the edge of Glassell Park in Verdugo Village.

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